Sounds dramatic doesn’t it? Listen there’s a lot of great kitchens with stainless steel sinks! But after installing the Blanco Silgranit Precis U Super Single sink in my new kitchen I’m never going back!

Why I’m not a fan of Stainless Steel Sinks

In my last kitchen we did a fairly standard single bowl stainless steel sink. To be honest back then I didn’t know any better that there were many other options when choosing a kitchen sink. Our sink came with a grate to protect the bottom of the sink. The functionality of the sink was fine. It was deep and I loved having such a large single bowl to wash big pots and pans. But aesthetically, it was not my favourite. We had stainless steel appliances and eve had a stainless faucet, brass wasn’t readily available like it is now! We had beautiful white quartz countertops that had a blue-grey veining throughout, which also complemented the stainless steel. But to be honest I just found it drab. It was like this gorgeous stretch of light countertops with a metal hole breaking up the sightlines.

The scratches. Ugh the scratches. Over time you could really start to see scuffs from those big pots and pans banging against the sides. Nothing I tried was able to buff them out. And the protective grate, sure it protected the bottom of the sink but it was always getting so grimey that I just wanted to throw it out every time I cleaned it. I also noticed that it was taking a lot of elbow grease to keep it looking nice and shiny. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to spend much time on cleaning my kitchen sink when I have an entire house to clean!

Fast forward to our most recent kitchen renovation…

When we started planning for the kitchen reno in our new home I was considering doing a farmhouse sink but it didn’t really make much sense for the rest of the aesthetic of the house. I did still really like the idea of having a white sink. My thought is if something is white I can see the dirt and therefore I am motivated to keep it clean!

After a lot of searching I found the Blanco Silgranit Precis Super U Single Sink in White. It’s made from SILGRANIT, a high quality granite composite. It’s heat, scratch and stain-resistant! Sounds amazing right? Well after having this sink for a year I can tell you IT IS AMAZING!

I LOVE how easy it is to clean this sink. All you need is some baking soda and a little scrub power. It really takes no time to get this baby looking brand new. I usually do this once a week to get any little stains from food off. Occasionally there is a stubborn stain that needs Bar Keeper’s Soft Cleaner to remove but I can’t stress the word occasionally enough. Check out this reel for how I clean my sink.,

The other great thing is that aesthetically it doesn’t interfere with my gorgeous beautiful Vicostone Quartz countertops.

So, did I convince you to drop the stainless steel sinks? Let me know in the comments!

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