Mother’s Day is this weeken

I’ve rounded up some amazing gifts that are all eligible for Amazon Prime shipping so you can be sure they’ll arrive before Mother’s Day this weekend! These are some of the hottest gadgets that your Mama will be sure to love!

iRobot Roomba I have a Roomba and let me tell you it’s not the sexiest gift but man it is such an awesome little helper around the house. Especially with kids AND dogs the vacuuming seems to never end. The iRobot Roomba zips around picking up all the little crumbs and hair that accumulates. It is a major time saver!

AeroGarden Harvest Elite I love the idea of having a small home garden and with the AeroGarden Elite your Mom can grow different plants or herbs right in her own home. No need for a large backyard or outdoor space to test out your green thumb!

Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee & Espresso Machine Ever since we registered for our Nespresso there was no going back. We loooove all the different options Nespresso has to offer my husband and I both have our own favorites and they can all be made with this machine. The Vertuo line has the capability to make Coffee & Espresso and this bundle comes with the Aeroccino so she can her fave hot drink at home.

Fire TV Stick 4K Streaming Device The Fire Stick is super easy to set up and the remote is also very simple – great for the um “technology challenged Moms” sorry if any takes offense to this statement! She can watch all her favorite shows and connect to many different apps using the Fire Stick.

Foot Massager This is on the list of not necessary purchases but oh so indulgent, hey that’s what gifts are for right?! The reviews on this gadget are fantastic and I’m positive that you’ll be trying to sneak a test drive after Mom has. It’s a nice way to relax after a hard day.

Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue For the Athletic Mama, this deep tissue muscle massager has been going viral, and for good reason! If your region is in lockdown and you can’t gift Mom a massage, grab her one of these guns. It comes with a few different heads for different parts of the body and has a super quiet motor.

Skincare Fridge You may be thinking, a what fridge? But yes the benefits of keeping your skincare cold far outweigh the odd blank stares that you may get. Cooler temps keep your product fresher and lasts longer, added benefit of depuffing the skin when products are applied cold, and the colder temps will help to keep germs and bacteria at bay.

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