If you’ve ever done a renovation or are in the middle of one, you may be aware of how hard it is to find interesting hardware for your cabinets. Also let me just clarify, when I say interesting I don’t mean lego pieces or button shaped knobs, just something a little more distinct than your generic “builder” style pull. Even generic pulls can wow in a refreshing new finish.

Knobs and pulls are little design details that can really elevate the look of your kitchen and give it personality. Think of them as the finishing pieces to your outfit, these are the accents that can really elevate your kitchen.

Surprisingly a lot of big box home improvement stores are starting to carry more contemporary finishes, including the hottest trends – brushed brass and even rose gold! Rosé yes way!

Below are some of my top picks for kitchen hardware

Sleek modern lines but in an elegant brushed brass @lowes

Richelieu 5-1/32-in Contemporary Polished Bronze Cabinet Pull

Here’s another brass beauty, this one is from @Wayfaircanada. An updated finger pull, again with seek lines.

Stella 1 3/4″ Center Finger Pull

Over the brass trend and want something edgier? How about black hardware? Against an all white backdrop it’s a striking contrast! @lowes

Richelieu 4-in Contemporary Matte Black Cabinet Pull



Here are some knob options to really add some flare to your kitchen. Team them up with a more neutral option like the above to keep it classy not trashy 😉

This stunning hand painted option from @Anthropologie is available in 3 colours but this grey/gold combo would be unreal with brushed brass pulls.

Clover Knobs from Anthropologie

This sky blue pair of ceramic knobs from @zarahome would be beautiful paired with brushed nickel finishes.

Plain Earthenware Knobs

And how about these gems!! Literally gems for your kitchen, because why not 🙂

Crown Quartz Knob

And don’t forget about coordinating your door handles if there are any pantry doors, exterior doors etc that are in the same space as your kitchen. Choosing complimentary handles will help create a cohesive look.

For more options check out my Hardware Pinterest board 


Tips to remember

  1. Don’t worry about mixing and matching metallics. Mixing brushed nickel and brass with neutral materials creates an eclectic look.
  2. Don’t forget to measure twice when ordering hardware. You don’t necessarily want to use the same size hardware for a 15 in wide drawer as you would on a 36 in wide drawer. It’s ok to mix and match and finding the right size for each cabinet doors will better suit your kitchen.
  3. Do mix knobs and pulls for a more diverse look. As an example you could exclusively use knobs on your upper cabinets and pulls on all lower doors.
  4. Remember these are your accessories, so if you ever want an update make sure you’re choosing standards sizes so you easily swap out options for new ones!


What finishes do you have in your kitchen and what new trend are you swooning over? Are you thinking of a quick kitchen facelift by updating your hardware?

Let me know

Till next time!


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