I love sharing a recommendation and if you’ve been pregnant before you know that sometimes the smallest thing can drastically affect your comfort…and mood! So I thought I’d share some of my favourite items that I’m really enjoying at 36 weeks!

David’s Tea Just Peachy

I’ve been craving juice this pregnancy and I don’t want all the added sugar so I’ve been adding a sachet of this tea to my water for an easy infusion of peach flavour!

U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow with Cooling Jersey Cover

I got a similar pillow to this during my first pregnancy. A lot of women don’t like the u shape but the key is to flip it upside down so you can still use your regular pillow to sleep with! Game changer. Another important tip is to get a pillow with a cotton/jersey cover. I noticed a lot of the versions on amazon have a velvety fabric, I can’t imagine sleeping surrounded by something like that! Sweat city.

Amazon Essentials Full Length Waffle Robe

I love a robe and during the first 3 weeks postpartum with my first that’s basically all I wore. I wanted something lightweight and cotton and I’m really impressed with this Amazon one. It’s got a cotton lining so it’s very cozy inside without adding bulk. Bonus, it’s got pockets!

Long Sleeve Pajama Set

These are so stretchy and comfy that they are still fitting me at 34 weeks. I wore these post partum the first time around and the button up top was great for nursing. 

Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt Soak in Eucalyptus & Spearmint

The scent of these epsom salts is heavenly! Instantly feels spa-like even if I’m surrounded by bath toys ????????‍♀️

Original Crocs in White

Obviously my love for crocs continues throughout pregnancy. I wear them all the time while I’m home otherwise my feet and ultimately my back suffer.

Thorne Prenatal Vitamins

I trust Thorne for a lot of different supplements. Their supplements are high quality and the prenatals have never upset my stomach. 

Please share any other items that you think I’d enjoy for these last few weeks!

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