With Christmas just a mere 25 days away, I’m sharing how I decorate my home for the holidays. This year I will be taking a break from decorating as I’m expecting my first baby any day now! I went as far as changing out my Fall wreath to a Christmas one and added a festive planter to my front entrance. I’ve been considering changing our Nest Doorbell ringtone to a Christmas version but that’s it people. Don’t expect any fun sparkly Instagram stories showcasing my decor because it’s not happening this year. I can just imagine how eager I would be into dismantling all the decorations with a tiny little baby on my hands…

Christmas is such a fun time of year for so many reasons. Getting together with family and friends, giving presents and now there are all of the fun ‘Gram worthy activities to visit around the city! But for me I really put the most effort into my decorations. I have to hold back on the purchases every season, as there are so many different themes that catch my eye!

Our Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree

Last year I incorporated glittery pink faux poinsettias on my tree and my wreath. I am so happy to see more pink making it’s way into mainstream Christmas decorating. From pink lights to super sparkly unicorn themed trees I am loving this trend! I’m having a little girl so you know this colour is here to stay in my household!

What I find most useful when selecting ornaments is to buy simple pieces in a neutral pallet so if you do want to incorporate a new colour each season you already have a base that can be built on. I have smaller pearl balls and larger iridescent ball ornaments from Michaels that make the cut every year. I then layer on natural ornaments like the large wooden stars, DIY pine cone ornaments (literally the easiest ornament to make!) and burlap ribbon. These items are so versatile that if I want to do a different colour theme next year then I’ll swap out the poinsettias and voila new themed tree!

Small things like ribbon and sprays can really transform the look of your tree. And the good news is that you can generally find them at all different price points if you don’t want to make a large investment every season.


We use our dining room table literally once a year when we host a very small family Christmas Dinner. Last year I headed to Ikea to find simple table decor that was versatile enough to use throughout the year – which will not likely happen lol! I bought a simple white linen tablecloth, woven placemats and black candlestick holders. Each item can be used in so many different settings at any time of year.

I found the Christmas crackers from Loblaws. It was an assorted box of prints in a pink and pale turquoise colour palette. I already had the napkins so it tied the theme together perfectly! The gold cutlery added glam to the natural placemats. Our pink depression wine glasses and crystal napkin holders are hand me downs from my parents. If you’re lucky you can sometimes find the exact same wine glasses on Etsy.

Another Ikea item that I love to put out for the colder months are their Shearling Rugs. They are just the coziest thing and gives luxe scandinavian cabin vibes in my suburban townhouse! Hang them on the back of your dining room chairs or drape them on your sofa to snuggle up on those super chilly days. And lastly, twinkle lights, string those around your mantle, throw them into a hurricane glass and call it a day. They add such a subtle festive touch!

What are some of your favourite Christmas decorating traditions? Are you like me and want to change your theme every year?

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

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