Well today is officially my due date! No baby yet but her nursery is ready for her arrival and I am so obsessed with how this room turned out. Since we moved in we haven’t used this space for anything specific. It has always stored off season outerwear, unpacked boxes from our last move and all of our shoes – working in the Fashion Industry we have accumulated a lot! I always knew that this room would be our nursery and the final result is so perfect.

Deciding on a final design for this room took so long. There were so many options we could go with so I held an Instagram poll for some extra feedback. The below Pink design scheme I shared won by a landslide!

Pink Design Option

It was up against the below neutral design scheme, which I still love. My main concern with the nursery was that the pink was balanced out so it wasn’t over the top girly. I knew we’d have lots of pink accents with stuffed animals, blankets and her clothes!

Neutral Design Option


I knew I wanted a wallpapered feature wall but again I had concerns about committing to a super feminine wallpaper, it just didn’t feel right. I went through so many wallpaper swatches and then finally found this gorgeous large botanical print from Spoonflower designed by Erin Kendal. I have to say the wallpaper installation was not smooth. Spoonflower is a website where designers can share their prints and Spoonflower will produce them in fabric, wallpaper or various home decor items. The quality of the wallpaper was really thin. When we were installing it the paper was wrinkling like crazy. It was so frustrating to worth with. When it dried it did flatten out but it took so much longer than it should have because we were frantically trying to smooth every square inch out. While I love this print, I would unfortunately not recommend using this wallpaper.

So with the wallpaper selected it was time to choose a carpet. I found this super affordable blush pink shag from Wayfair. I was a little skeptical of what the quality would be like just because of the price but the reviews were great and I can say it’s such a great option for the price point! It’s also available in 14 different colours!

The spindle crib is by Jenny Lind from Wayfair. I had a classic white spindle bed when I was little and I just love the vintage vibe this crib has. It’s also convertible into a toddler bed so we won’t have to invest in another one when she grows out of this one.

I found all the of the prints on Etsy, Sweet Dreams by WalldecorIdeas and Boho Rainbow by PrintberryKids. Frames are all from Ikea. We bought the KOPPANG Dresser from Ikea which doubles as our changing table.

We also bought a PAX wardrobe for the closet which is so amazing at keeping everything organized. The OCD in me loves that Ikea makes organizers that fit perfectly into each drawer which helps me keep things neat and tidy. And before you say anything I know she has a lot of shoes already lol most of them are hand me downs!

It’s turned out to be such a sweet cozy little space. This is the first nursery I’ve designed but loved every minute of it! I would be happy to help you design a perfect space for your little one. Contact me if you’re interested!

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